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The Drop Bar Cafe

Restaurant - Caribbean

“Authentic, original, unapologetic”, that, according to its website, is the mission of The Drop Bar Cafe, a Caribbean set-up on the Victorian arcade opposite the bus terminus since 2015, rocking those summer vibes year round with its covered outdoor terrace and weekend DJs.

The Drop, as it’s known, is home to the Hench Box, so big you (or rather the waiter) will need muscles to lift it and therefore perfect for sharing with friends and getting to enjoy a taste of all the favourites. Best sellers are jerk chicken and curry goat: the first marinated with a secret spice mix then flame grilled then oven blasted then returned to the coals; the second an on-the-bone super-slow-cooked one-pot wonder. Both pack a punch. Ackee and saltfish is Jamaica’s national dish and well worth a punt with its spicy and herby tomato and onion sauce; alternatively, fresh fish is also available as the richly flavoured silver hake and prawn stew.

Vegetarians need not worry either as the trademark pimento jerk sauce coats halloumi like a dream to keep things from drying out, while sweet potato meets it flavour match with coconut milk and curry spices. There are also two veggie roasts on Sundays, alongside the Barbados-inspired Reggae Roast and a lamb chop and chicken combo. And you can’t leave without trying the rice ‘n’ peas, or is it the plantain, or the dumplings, fried or boiled as spinners? Looks as if more than one trip might be in order, but this is nothing if not sunny food, so no one is likely to complain.

Did someone say scotch bonnet? Lucky, then, that there is an extensive drinks menu to hand, including Guinness punch, various mojitos, a Ting-based lemon sherbet cocktail and The Drop’s very own “rude drinks”, which involve lashings of rum.

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356 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 8AZ, UK
Tel: 0161 286 3317 thedropbarcafe.net
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