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Food at The Old Fire Station, a bar and cafe in Salford
Food at The Old Fire Station, a bar and cafe in Salford
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The Old Fire Station


The Old Fire Station is a café, bar, bakery and brewery tap with a real community feel. It’s a part of the University of Salford but it’s open to everyone.

The students working there get hands-on experience in disciplines from accounting to biochemistry but The Old Fire Station doesn’t feel like a place where people are just practising. With beautiful pastries and coffee, great beer, a light but appealing brunch menu and cool events, everything about it is first class. With honours.

Go for morning caffeine hits, bread-making classes, an evening pint. Brunch is served till 2pm and till 12pm on Saturdays. Expect things like bacon sandwich with pork from the respected Littlewoods butchers, a very good grilled three-cheese sandwich, and chickpea and avocado salad. After that, it’s just drinks and cakes.

Lark Hill Brewery is part of The Old Fire Station. You’ll find craft beers brewed on the Crescent including: hazy IPA, cask ale, wheat beer, sour beer, west coast IPA and imperial stout. There are eight keg taps and two cask ale taps serving Lark Hill’s freshest and finest along with some occasional guest spots.

Keep an eye out for live events.

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