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A selection of dishes at Sanskruti Indian Restaurant Withington
A selection of dishes at Sanskruti Indian Restaurant Withington
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Sanskruti Withington

Restaurant - Indian subcontinent

Sanskruti Withington is well-known in the area for its vegan and vegetarian cuisine which takes in Gujurati thalis, South Indian dosas, Mumbai chaat and the rich curries of Punjab. This isn’t a blow-your-mouth-off-spicy kind of place, rather spicing is subtle and considered. It’s all about the balance not the blast of heat. Dishes are also lighter than your average curry house, with plenty of healthy options highlighted.

It’s best to order a range of different things and share as the portions aren’t huge (then again, neither are the prices) and you get more of a sense of the menu.

A satisfying meal for two might include pani puri, masala chips, uttapam, shahi paneer, lasaniya bateta, tarka daal, brown rice and a bread basket of garlic naan, tandoori roti and methi thepla. That way you experience spice, crisp crunch, yielding dough, sour zing and rich sauce all in meal, a meal that’s good for you, but not entirely. The perfect balance.

Or, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can order Sanskruti’s thali specials and leave them to come up with a selection that showcases starters, mains, daal, rice, roti, salad, dessert and papad all on one plate.

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