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My Back Home Chai


My Back Home Chai is a Bangladeshi café located on Market Street in Hyde, Greater Manchester. The café is owned by Abdul and Hiron, who aim to bring authentic Bangladeshi flavours to the area.

Inside, the café features half a Tuk-tuk adorned with marigolds, shelves filled with Mr Naga’s Hot Pepper Pickle, and bistro-style tables and chairs. The menu features a range of chai tea options, coffee, and a brunch board featuring spicy beef sausages, veggie sausages, turkey bacon, hash browns, fried eggs, masala beans, mushrooms, caramelized red onion, toast, paratha, masala skin on fries and a side of famous Mr Naga pickle – a hearty breakfast for sure!

The café also showcases elements of Bengali culture and history, including the Bengali alphabet on the walls and the significance of the year 1971 as the year of Bangladesh’s Liberation War.

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