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British Shorthorn steak at Flat Iron.
British Shorthorn steak at Flat Iron.
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Flat Iron Manchester


This is the first Manchester opening from the Flat Iron chain whose mission is to bring accessible steak to everyone, without compromising on flavour or ethics.

Their signature steak is a juicy, rich featherblade. This cheaper cut can be chewy but given the quality of the animals Flat Iron use, you aren’t being short-changed at all. They have their own herd of Wagyu cattle taking it easy up in Yorkshire and the stress-free lifestyle produces incredibly tender, flavoursome meat. Beef also comes from a small selection of sustainable family-run farms in Britain and Ireland.

The Deansgate restaurant, in a beautiful Grade II Listed building with original parquet flooring and glazed brick walls, offers 150 covers over two floors. The brief menu includes a rotating board of specials including a Wagyu steak of the day, and a Scottish ribeye (a Manchester exclusive).

This is democratic steak, priced so you don’t have to wait for a special occasion. The sides are amazing so make sure you give them your full attention. Watch out for the handmade beef dripping chips and the crispy bone marrow garlic mash, a Confidentials dish of the month.

Round off your meal with an ice cream – they’re on the house.

Flat Iron Manchester, 200 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3NN, UK
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