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Gaijin Dumpling House

Restaurant - Chinese

Gaijin Dumpling House is a hidden gem in the heart of Levenshulme’s main strip, serving authentic halal-friendly East Asian dishes. This intimate restaurant, with seating for less than a dozen, is a must-visit for foodies looking for something with a bit of a kick.

Although there is no drinks license, customers are welcome to bring their own cans to enjoy with their meals. Try the typhoon shelter fried squid and the famous lamb on crack. The lamb dish, coated with a fiery mix of herbs and Chinese spices, is slow-braised on the bone for six hours and served with crispy fries, making it a powerhouse of flavour and a must-try for anyone who loves bold and spicy food.

For dumpling lovers, the steamed ha kow is a treat, with soft and squidgy dumplings filled with shrimp and served with coriander, HK sauce, and crispy chilli oil. The sauce elevates the traditional dumplings to a new level.

For dessert, the simple yet delicious fried mantou, a couple of deep-fried buns covered with thick and sticky condensed milk, is a perfect way to end the meal. The simple flavours cut through the potent spices of the other courses, and the sweet and sticky buns will leave you wanting more.

Gaijin Dumpling House is a credit to Levenshulme whether you’re a fan of dumplings, seafood, or bold and spicy flavours, this small but perfectly-formed restaurant is a must-visit.

948 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 3NN, UK
Tel: 07760 822290 www.gaijindumplinghouse.com
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