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Gusto Didsbury Restaurant banner image
Gusto Didsbury Restaurant banner image
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Gusto Italian Didsbury

Restaurant - Italian

Gusto Didsbury may be a mid-market chain but it certainly is very appealing. The interior is light and airy, but also inviting and, though the menu serves pretty much the same food everywhere from Alderley Edge to Birmingham, it is full of fresh Italian crowd-pleasers.

You’ll find favourites like bruschetta, slow-cooked beef shin with polenta mash, and pan-fried sea bass alongside the menu mainstays of burgers, sourdough pizzas, steaks, salads, pasta dishes and risotto.

Gusto is always busy with groups and couples enjoying Prosecco-fuelled lunches and dinners or working their way around the cocktail menu. It’s a sociable place where the food, though decent, takes second place to chat and Chardonnay.

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756 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 2DP, UK
Tel: 0161 445 8209 gustorestaurants.uk.com/restaurants/didsbury
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