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Northern Quarter

Terrace NQ


Terrace NQ has really grown into its name over the years. Instead of just one terrace up on the roof, it now has four outside seating areas: there’s a gorgeous courtyard at the side, seats at the back on Edge Street, and more at the front on Thomas Street. Plus that original, leafy rooftop garden which has its own bar. This is as well as its light and airy interior which you get to through ‘the prettiest ginnel in Manchester’.

A lockdown adaptation that’s serving it well is its food collaboration with indy pizza place Noi Quattro, which is handily located just around the block. Your QR code order goes straight to the kitchen, and Neapolitan-style pizzas come flying back to your table at Terrace.

Everyone’s a winner with that arrangement, not least the bar team who can now focus on keeping the drinks flowing to those multiple terraces. Booze-wise, there’s a great selection of local beers: Cloudwater, Shindigger and Runaway are all on draught. The cask ale, Bread and Butter from Vocation Brewery in Hebden Bridge, goes down very well. As do the classic cocktails: the Espresso Martini is by far their biggest seller.

On weekends, Terrace is known as one of the liveliest places to be in the Northern Quarter. It’s partly down to those caffeinated martinis but also thanks to a DJ lineup seven days a week that gets the ginnel and the downstairs bar jumping.

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