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Pizza-making at Honest Crust
Pizza-making at Honest Crust
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Honest Crust Sourdough Pizza Altrincham

Restaurant - Italian

“On a mission to make really great sourdough pizza” since 2013, when they had a pop-up in rainy Ramsbottom, Altrincham Market saw the first bricks-and-mortar Honest Crust opening, now joined by outlets in the Northern Quarter’s Mackie Mayor and Picturedrome Macclesfield.

Proudly independent, HC fire their pizzas in a bona fide brick-built Neapolitan oven, proving the sourdough for 48 hours and using only the most outstanding cold-pressed unfiltered olive oil and hand-crushed tinned tomatoes imported from small producers in Italy along with seasonal, organic and local ingredients for the toppings. “Simplicity is the key to good pizza” is the HC mantra, so top-notch ingredients are super important.

Flavours range from a classic Margherita to specials such as smoked pigs cheek and pecorino courtesy the Amatriciana and staff favourite the Bianca, with British buffalo mozzarella and fresh garlic. With great suppliers on their doorstep, Honest Crust don’t have to travel far for ingredients – they’ve used cheese from New Market Dairy on their Marafona potato pizza – and HC Alty also has its own deli, with Calabrian n’duja di Spilinga sausage, fresh and peppery Frantoio Oleario Felice Bitetti olive oil, and Tipica tinned tomatoes fresh in from Basilicata, so you can take that authentic Italian flavour home with you.

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