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katsouris deli exterior manchester restaurant
katsouris deli exterior manchester restaurant
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Manchester City Centre


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Katsouris is an institution, having sat in its imposing Gothic-style building on the corner of Deansgate and John Dalton Street for getting on close to two decades. Despite its Greek name, you can expect much more than the Aphrodite Special, though that, and the Zorba, is covered.

Most locals will have been to Katsouris at least once, and probably scores more times than that. Don’t be fooled by the “deli” moniker; this is the place to head when you’re super hungry but time poor, offering a keen spread in the humble sandwich department to eat in or take away, plus all-day breakfasts, hot carvery choices and authentic Greek dishes the likes of lamb kleftiko to beef stifado. Katsouris gained its legendary status through its sandwiches made for giants and the website even carries the warning: “Half ciabattas are not small!” All sandwiches are freshly prepared on site – there are pre-made options to grab and go, or you can have a bespoke butty made before your very eyes. The steak sandwich and the club are both bestsellers, and to prove the inspiration reaches further than the Ionian or Aegean, there’s Mexican spicy chicken and a German Frikadellen burger. Meat is quite the thing here, with roast beef, turkey, pork or gammon on the carvery counter, continental sausages, “famous” peri peri chicken and paella. Pull up a chair for the Big Kat or Little Kitten breakfasts: egg, bacon, award-winning butchers sausage, mushroom, tomato, baked beans and toast in varying combinations. That Aphrodite Special? It’s a breakfast sandwich, with grilled halloumi, smoked ham and tomato.

Sweet treats come in the form of European delicacies like rum baba and Polish cheesecake, homemade cakes and baklava, and more than your fair share of whippy cream.

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113 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BQ, UK
Tel: 0161 937 0010 www.katsourisdeli.co.uk
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