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Pink neon sign saying Coffee and Cocktails at Society in Manchester city centre
Pink neon sign saying Coffee and Cocktails at Society in Manchester city centre
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Manchester City Centre


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Does Manchester need another hipsterish food hall? Probably not. But do we want one? Judging from the peak-time busyness of Mackie Mayor, Freight Island and Hatch, we most certainly do. Society, which opened in May 2021, is the latest place to offer a choice of indie food vendors in a communal-style setting. We’re betting it won’t be the last.

Located in between St Peter’s Square and The Bridgewater Hall, Society brings new life to the quiet yet elegant stretch of city between Oxford Street and First Street. The outside area is a sunspot bordered by a fountain and a garden, making it feel more like Madrid than Manchester (weather permitting of course). Inside it’s light and airy and well-spaced, making for a relaxing, all-is-well vibe. There are DJs playing at a sensible volume for the time of day: believe it or not, we like to chat to our friends not just gurn at them.

The food vendors include burger place Slap & Pickle, Pan-Asian specialists Manzoku Street Food, local favourite Chaat Cart, and Dokes Pizzeria, from the founders of Elnecot. Plus a cocktail bar and a specialist tap room from Hebden Bridge brewery Vocation.

The Korean fried chicken from Yoki comes recommended. Crisp, sticky and juicy, it’s the perfect way to soak up a few scoops of Vocation’s Bread and Butter pale ale.

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