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Cavern Quarter

Piccolino Liverpool

Restaurant - Italian

Piccolino Liverpool is located in a particularly grand building on Cook Street and is fronted by a small but perfectly-formed terrace. The impressive exterior seems appropriate because Piccolino always works well for fancy events, birthday parties and glamorous dates.

Part of the Individual Restaurants group, Piccolino is a smooth operation with good service and uncomplicated but enjoyable Italian food. In a business like this, perhaps you’d expect a bit of corner-cutting but Piccolino sources ingredients well and the food is always of a reliably high standard. The quality of the produce makes a noticeable difference.

Dishes range from fresh oysters to prawn linguine to asparagus risotto, with meaty options such as sirloin steaks and half-roasted chicken in a garlic and rosemary marinade. The pizzas and Sunday roasts are also rightly popular. It’s a diverse mix of inoffensive crowd-pleasers alongside more upmarket cooking. Whether you’re here for garlic bread or Chateaubriand, it’s a safe bet.

It’s one reason this is a go-to place for parties. (Classic Italian flavours and a strong drinks selection is always a winner for a do.) Their semi-private mezzanine is the perfect setting for an event.

Piccolino is also a good choice for families thanks to its bambini menu and on-the-ball service.

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