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Manchester City Centre

Seoul Kimchi

Restaurant - Korean

This well-regarded cafe and takeaway started life as a shop specialising in Korean ingredients, before owner/chef Byunghee Kwon added tables for people to eat in. It’s a small, simple place on Upper Brook Street, where it gets a busy trade from the nearby campuses and hospitals.

Popular dishes include the Korean sweet and spicy chicken which is coated in a crispy batter and sticky dark red glaze and topped with crushed peanuts, and the jeon kimchi, a savoury pancake with spring onions and the family-recipe kimchi. For a dish that’s both comforting and healthy, order a bowl of Bibimbap – rice and your choice of chicken, prawn, tofu, or beef, topped with finely chopped veg and a fried egg. 

Seoul Kimchi also specialises in Japanese dishes, such as katsu and teriyaki. The soups and stews, which include ginseng chicken and spicy tofu, have warmed many a rain-drenched Mancunian on a wet day.

It’s not licensed but you’ve got an enticing range of Korean soft drinks to choose from including plum soda, crushed pear, and aloe vera. 

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