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Gukbap setting at Annyeong Restaurant Manchester
Gukbap setting at Annyeong Restaurant Manchester
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Manchester City Centre


Restaurant - Korean

You know Annyeong is a proper Korean restaurant because the menu is full of dishes you’ve never heard of and they’re all written in Hangul as well as in a Westernised rendition.

That makes it all the more exciting. That and the fact you get to cook your own BBQ dishes. Punter participation is always fun.

Service is full of genuine smiles – and tips for those who want to cook their own Korean-style rib-eye steak but don’t know where to start.

As well BBQ dishes like thin sliced ox tongue or pork belly which you self-sear and sizzle in hot plates in the middle of the table along with other ingredients like some cheeky little sauces, Annyeong also serves up small plates, noodle dishes and traditional hot pots. From fortifying hangover soup with its rich beef short rib broth to nourishing slow-cooked whole chicken broth with ginseng and rice, this is the Korean answer to warming Bovril or a Jewish grandma’s restorative chicken soup. Comfort food is universal.

If scoffing yuk whea (a Korean take on beef tartare) and then preparing your own spicy squid BBQ dish doesn’t keep you out of mischief, Annyeong also offer a private karaoke room so you can whine while you dine. Let’s hope all that warbling doesn’t bring on indigestion.

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