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Cavern Quarter

Shiraz BBQ

Restaurant - Middle Eastern

Taking its name from the Iranian city of arts and gardens (and not just the New World version of Syrah wine), the BBQ is the original and cosier of two Shiraz gaffs in Liverpool, specialising in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern chargrilled meat and fish dishes, and a fair bit besides.

Yes, kebabs feature heavily, but we’re talking posh kebabs the likes of ali nazik (small pieces of chicken breast or lamb with smoked aubergine and garlic yoghurt), koobideh (a version of the Turkish adana, with finely chopped lamb seasoned with herbs and tangy spices including chilli) and hellim (Cypriot halloumi, skewered with green pepper, mushrooms and onion), all served with your choice of rice, salad and chip combo, or flatbread in the case of the iskender. Also from the charcoal come succulent lamb chops, marinated chicken thighs and the catch of the day, usually in the form of crispy-skinned sea bass. Meze is perfect on the side, as starters or for sharing tapas style, taking the pain out of choosing. Hot small plates include the spicy Turkish sausage Sucuk and flamegrilled herby king prawns; cold small plates are all vegetarian and range from classic hummus to spinach tarator puree. If you want to play safe, there’s a good selection of pizza and various calzones, and if you’re an early bird, breakfast is very much a thing at Shiraz; there’s plenty on toast and three-egg omelettes of various types, while the Mediterranean is worth a punt for a change, featuring feta-topped fresh tomatoes, veggie sausage, fried egg and parsley, served with pitta.

We’re not suggesting raki in the morning, but later on you can sample Turkey’s national tipple, made of twice-distilled grapes and anise, and there are cocktails and mocktails, draught beers and a not stingy selection of wines, both Old and New World.

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