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Stretford Canteen

Restaurant - French

Stretford Canteen, on Chester Road at the front of Stretford Mall, is a beloved local restaurant known for its classic French and traditional British cuisine.

The restaurant’s history can be traced back to the swinging 60s and the opening of the much-loved Mancunian francophile institution, (the) Beaujolais, which was founded by Maureen & David Sandwith.

The vision of bringing the best of Lyonnaise casual dining to Manchester was continued by Josephine Sandwith, daughter of Maureen and David, and her husband Dean Taylor. After spending her childhood peeling carrots and pot washing for her parents, Josephine knew the hard work and dedication that went into catering and, after seeing the fantastic reaction to their idea on local Facebook group Stretford M32, they opened at local greasy spoon, Pines Pantry, and have since opened their own permanent venue at Stretford Mall.

Stretford Canteen has become one of the most cherished restaurants in Stretford, thanks to its commitment to using local produce and its love for classic French and traditional British dishes. The menu is subject to change every day, but some sample dishes you can try include panisse with tarragon mayonnaise, Stockport funghi mushroom and potato pavé, and beef short rib served with celeriac purée.

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