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a selection off the menu at Sushi Marvel Restaurant Ancoats Manchester
a selection off the menu at Sushi Marvel Restaurant Ancoats Manchester
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Manchester City Centre

Sushi Marvel Manchester

Restaurant - Japanese

The clue’s in the name, really, and the second Sushi Marvel (the first is based in Chorlton) serves up the authentic Japanese seasoned rice dish of that name, while the website goes on to confirm that: “Marvel defines sensation, wonder and surprise.”

Indeed, the menu offers up some original and unique combinations of flavours aimed at stimulating both your palate and your appetite – truffle, for example, is an unexpected element, especially as a foil to seafood and avocado, while ribeye cooked medium rare is teamed with king prawn and fish roe for an imaginative take on surf’n’turf. Sticking with steak, and Marvel Sushi must be one of the few places to serve nigiri topped with A5 Wagyū, the highest grade given only to the finest beef. Other top-notch ingredients include Hokkaido scallops, Atlantic surf clams, unagi grilled eel and crispy soft-shell spider crab, while the very rare cut of melt-in-the-mouth bluefin underbelly tuna, otoro, is described as “king of the sushi game”. You can have it sliced raw as sashimi, balanced on rice as nigiri or as a hosomaki seaweed-wrapped rice roll. In fact, there are makis a-plenty – futomaki, hosomaki, temaki and uramaki – and if you’re overfaced with choice, there are various sushi platters to give you a bit of everything. There’s also the Marvellous Dons section if it’s a rice bowl you fancy or try the snacks and sides – gyozo dumplings come fried or grilled and there are different nutrient-rich, gut-friendly miso soups.

Mochi rounds things off nicely and is still fairly healthy as sweet treats go – soft rice dough balls are filled with ice cream. Pick’n’mix the flavours for your three scoops, and ask if you’d prefer the vegan option.

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