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Inside New Wave Ramen on Tib Lane, Manchester.
Inside New Wave Ramen on Tib Lane, Manchester.
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Manchester City Centre

New Wave Ramen

Restaurant - Japanese

After building a name and fanbase for itself in Mackie Mayor, New Wave Ramen have now got their own standalone Manchester restaurant on Tib Lane. It’s a stylish place with a minimalist, industrial feel, softened by the warm, low lighting and the friendly front-of-house team.

As the name suggests, the owners are keen on trying new things as well as offering the comforting Japanese flavours you’d expect from a ramen place. Innovative dishes could include smoky mackerel with burnt cucumber gonzo, or a duck sando on milk bread made in-house. The ‘in-house’ and ‘from scratch’ cooking is one of their signatures – they’ve even got an ‘in-house noodle room’ (something we’ll be putting on our wish list next time we move house).

It’s an ‘izakaya’ style of dining here, which means it’s relaxed and casual. New Wave Ramen is a bar as much as a restaurant with DJs and a well curated soundtrack (one of the owners is in the band The Editors). On the drinks front, go for beautifully-crafted cocktails, wine or beers, or explore their extensive sake menu.

New Wave Ramen - 16 Tib Lane, Tib Lane, Manchester, UK
newwaveramen.com Our review Read 15.5/20
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