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The Monro

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Following a mammoth spruce-up a few years back, The Monro touted itself as a gastropub, but it’s gone back to being a bit more down-to-earth since, with its hygge aesthetic and something for everyone, from treats for your furry four-legged friend to Sunday roasts for the kids.

Food wise and really the pies have it. Classics include a steak and IPA ale number plus a creamy chicken, leek and bacon one, and there’s even Liverpool’s favourite dish, Scouse, as a pie. We’re talking pot pies here, served with chunky chips and seasonal veg, and they like their pies so much at The Monro that they even have a festival to celebrate them, complete with meal deals. The expanded offer then includes the likes of Brittany fish pie, swapping the pastry lid for mashed potatoes, and a curry pie, which you can have as chicken or vegan. There’s a whole separate menu for vegan dishes, freshly made from locally sourced, truly plant-based ingredients, and The Monro is proud to have nailed vegan “calamari” as well as vish’n’chips using banana blossom. There are two curries – tamarind and lime-infused Madras or peanutty Sri Lankan – which you can have with pure veg or veg and tofu, while carnivores can go for chicken. Chicken also makes its way into the burger list, along with a traditional beefburger, and the pasta bowl section, where you’ll also find Scouse, again. Of course, you can have that the authentic way, with crusty bread and red cabbage on the side.

Sunday lunch serves up roast beef, lamb and pork belly with all the usual sides including “delicious homemade Yorkies” and also turkey year round, and there’s a nut roast or fish and chips for the non-meat-eaters, or a special eight-hour slow-cooked lamb shank braised in red wine for the non-roast-lovers. For puddings, think chocolate fudge cake and brownies.

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92 Duke Street, Liverpool L1 5AG, UK
Tel: 0151 707 9933 www.themonro.com
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