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Chinatown (Manchester)

Try Thai

Restaurant - Thai

Up some steps and through a doorway flanked by two statuettes making the wai, and you’re welcomed into Try Thai, strong on liveliness, bright colours and cocktails, and the punchy flavours of Thailand, smack bang in the centre of Manchester’s Chinatown.

The menu has all the Far Eastern nation’s favourite dishes, from the famous green curry and fishcakes with sweet chilli dipping sauce to satay chicken skewers and of course pad Thai, the country’s signature noodle soup dish. It’s also big on seafood, with succulent jumbo king prawns featuring in curries and casseroles, soft shell crab popping up in starters as well as stir-fries, and both crispy sea bass with mango and steamed sea bass, served whole with a spicy sauce. Duck is slathered in a sweet and sour tamarind sauce and served sliced alongside egg-fried rice and crunchy veg, and vegetable dishes include tempura, spring rolls and samosas, plus stir-fried morning glory, a classic Thai dish of sweet and crunchy water spinach. Platters and banquets are perfect for sharing and trying out new dishes and flavours: the hot and cold platter for two encompasses chicken wings, grilled pork, Penang prawns and papaya; the krularb or rose banquet offers up spare ribs, spicy beef salad and more.

To take that temperature down if you overdo the chilli, ice cream is one option, but sticky sweet rice with mango and mint is more authentic. There is also a fully stocked bar and cocktails, including espresso martinis, and mocktails such as an ice-packed cranberry cooler.

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52 Faulkner Street, Manchester M1 4FH, UK
Tel: 0161 228 1822 trythai.com
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