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Next level horror: Halloween things to do near Manchester and Liverpool

8 months ago

If you’re looking for happy pumpkins and fluffy spiders, this list isn’t for you. (Try our half term things to do instead). But if you want dead-eyed clowns, crooked-neck zombies, and a lingering sense of unspoken evil, you’re in the right place.

Here we’ve brought together the North West’s most disturbing, unsettling, and downright terrifying scare attractions. (The ones where small children are probably best left at home.) Get ready to get seriously spooked with our Halloween things to do for adults, all within easy drive of Manchester and Liverpool.

  • One of the characters at Journey to Hell at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Journey to Hell at Blackpool Pleasure Beach


    Journey to Hell at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a mixture of live action horror thrills, a scare maze and terrifying rides – all as part of a series of gruesome scare zones.

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  • Clowns at Farmageddon, a Halloween scare experience near Ormskirk



    Farmageddon is the big one. Every year it’s a sellout, welcoming thousands of willing lambs to the slaughter. There are enough fright actors here to keep every repertory company in the North busy.

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  • Characters at Scare City, a Halloween experience at Camelot

    Scare City


    Scare City takes over the abandoned Camelot theme park for a completely immersive Halloween scare event.

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  • Character at Spooky World, a Halloween attraction at Apple Jacks, Warrington

    Spooky World


    Spooky World comes in three strengths of spookiness. There’s Fun by Day which is all smiling pumpkins and friendly ghosts for small children. Then, there’s Spooky at Night for age ten and over which is basically a diluted version of the main event: Scary at Night.

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  • Clown at Theatre of Screams Halloween experience in Ashton under Lyne

    Theatre of Screams


    Theatre of Screams is the interactive Halloween experience on a budget. It’s also the indoor option for those of you who don’t like to spend October nights trudging around a muddy field in the cold and the driving rain.

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  • Man with VR Headset from Unsplash
    Manchester City Centre

    DNA VR


    DNA VR is a virtual reality arcade with three different gameplay options. You can communicate with your friends through the VR headsets as you play and it’s all private. You play with your friends, not some randoms. Everything is overseen by your own VR wizard so you don’t succumb to the zombie apocalypse too quickly.

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  • Inside Newsham Scream Park - a recommended Halloween thing to do in Liverpool

    Newsham Scream Park


    Once an orphanage and later an asylum, the derelict Newsham Park Hospital has been attracting ghost hunters and urban explorers for years. The  atmosphere in its maze of abandoned wards and crumbling corridors is enough to make most people turn around and leg it straight back home – and that was even before it was made into Newsham Scream Park.

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