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Fire at Scare City, a Halloween experience at Camelot
Fire at Scare City, a Halloween experience at Camelot
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Scare City


Scare City takes over the abandoned Camelot theme park for a completely immersive Halloween scare event.

The setting is eerily atmospheric. Hardened fear junkies follow a trail past rusting rollercoasters and the like. It’s dark, misty and populated by a crew of creeps and demons, a mash-up of special effects and real-life actors.

The trail, if you dare to complete it, takes between 45 minutes and two hours with a refreshment area half way round. Whatever you are led to believe, human entrails are not served here.

Properly scary with waivers and disclaimers and the like, Scare City is just for the grown-ups. Every year it seems to get bigger with new scare zones and mazes to capture that feeling of running blindly from one dead end to another whilst being pursued by something nameless and nasty.

It’s a really professional event where everything looks and sounds the part. If you enjoy being scared witless, this is one of the best places to do it.

Scare City, Camelot Theme Park, Charnock Richard, Chorley PR7 5LP
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