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Actor at Farmageddon, a Halloween scare experience near Ormskirk
Actor at Farmageddon, a Halloween scare experience near Ormskirk
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Farmageddon is the big one. Every year it’s a sellout, welcoming thousands of willing lambs to the slaughter. There are enough fright actors here to keep every repertory company in the North busy.

The interactive scare event consists of four main scare houses as well as a zombie shoot ‘em up warzone. Turns out you don’t finish off the undead with a machete to the brain, but a paintball gun. Who knew?

The scare houses here set the standard for these fright events. There’s a pitch-black Maze of Death, a slaughterhouse, a haunted house of crypts, caverns and winding corridors, and some clown-based terror.

There are also plenty of peripheral scares too like a new take on queue-jumpers – a twelve-strong cast of mutant zombies to spook the waiting crowds alongside less-threatening dancers and musicians.

Don’t miss the funfair. Scream if you want to go faster. No, just scream because you’re stuck on a ride with an evil clown. Not another one.

There’s a pub for when it all gets a bit Shaun of the Dead. Head here to calm your nerves over a pint, listen to live music, watch fire dancers . . . oh, and fight off the zombie hordes, obviously.

Food is served in the not very atmospherically-named Hall 2. Expect snacks like nachos, hot dogs and ice cream.

Farmaggedon, Farmer Teds Adventure Farm, Flatman's Lane, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 7HW, UK
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