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Inner strength: the best gyms for weight lifting in central Manchester

7 months ago

Ten years back the only reason you’d lift weights was to get melon-sized biceps and a rock-solid core. Nowadays we know that aesthetic changes are just one of the effects of strength training (and for many of us, the least important).

Lifting weights improves your mood, aids weight management, protects your posture, and for women, helps safeguard against osteoporosis. It’s why the NHS recommends adults do strengthening sessions working all the major muscle groups at least two days a week.

Almost every gym in Manchester has a dedicated weights area. Here we’ve honed in on the places that go beyond just supplying the iron. All these Manchester weightlifting gyms will teach you how to lift safely and effectively, and they all have different strengths (unintentional pun) so choose the one that suits you best.

For focused one-to-one or small group training that’ll ensure your technique and form is spot-on, head to Olympus Projects near Victoria Station, Fighting Fit in the Green Quarter, or Pro-Balance Health just off Albert Square. For high-energy strength training in a fast-moving class environment, go to Hero Training Clubs or BLOK. If it’s the competitive element of lifting that interests you try Train CrossFit Manchester.

Want more suggestions for gyms good for strength training in Manchester? Search for strength using the filters on the left.

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