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Six great places for sushi and sashimi in Greater Manchester

5 years ago

No longer reserved for the most adventurous of gourmands, factory packs of, mostly inferior, sushi line today’s UK supermarket shelves. With the first Japanese restaurant appearing in London in the mid-seventies, and the first conveyor belt style gaff arriving 20 years later, it’s been a slow burn.

In Manchester’s enviably pancultural dining scene there are many places where you can indulge in sushi and sashimi, from the aforementioned supermarket meal-deal to level-up chain cafes, to bijou joints in Chinatown. We even have one world-class award-winning star in a railway arch.

This small selection includes the traditional and the experimental. Plates of spanking fresh sashimi, simple but precise nigiri, tuna, seafood and steak, there’s even a sushi taco. Itadakimasu!

  • A dish served at Yuzu, a Confidential Guides' recommended Japanese restaurant in Manchester's China Town
    Chinatown (Manchester)


    Restaurant - Japanese

    Yuzu is a neighbourhood-style Japanese restaurant offering refreshingly uncomplicated dishes served in Zen-like surroundings. You won’t find a conveyor belt of sushi here, but something altogether more traditional, such as spanking fresh sashimi.

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  • Sunset at Australasia in Manchester city centre


    Restaurant - Pan Asian

    Pacific Rim fusion fare for the fashion set. The undeniable theatre of the place, the approach of the staff and the craft of the food make any occasion feel like a million dollars at Australasia.

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  • A plate of sashimi at Peter Street Kitchen - the Japanese and Mexican restaurant in the former Free Trade Hall in Manchester
    Book Now Manchester City Centre

    Peter Street Kitchen

    Restaurant - Japanese

    Specialising in two distinct, contemporary cuisines, Mexican and Japanese, Peter Street Kitchen’s punchy small plates ooze luxury. There are several menus, from the sashimi, tataki and tartare of The Hibachi Experience to the pick n mix of the a la carte. Will you go all Mexican, all Japanese or mix up your tacos and tempura by grabbing dishes from both sides of the world?

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