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10 vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants in Manchester city centre

Manchester Central

Plenty of restaurants cater to vegans and vegetarians but many see a plant-based diet as an afterthought with cliches like beetroot and goats cheese tart shoved at the bottom of often meat-heavy menus.

We’ve chosen these Manchester city centre venues for the quality of their vegan and vegetarian offerings and dedication to plant-powered diets. The Allotment Vegan Eatery aims to “make veg taste better than steak” and it is one of the only 100% vegan fine dining restaurants in the city.

Purezza might be one of many pizza restaurants in Manchester, but is known for its vegan mozzarella and gluten-free bases, and Nell’s New York Pizza has some amazing veggie options on the menu. Try ‘Greens’ with seasonal greens, roasted garlic and smoked Lancashire cheese (cashew cream for the vegans) which simply blew the Manchester Confidential editorial team away.

Read on for 10 vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants in Manchester:

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