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this and that street
this and that street
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Northern Quarter

This & That Cafe


Everyone’s heard of NQ backstreet gaff This & That, even if they’ve not actually found it (it’s up the ginnel by Trof’s empty barrels) – renowned for its daily changing “rice and three” meal deal and winning vegan and vegetarian choices, it’s been an institution since 1984.

The family-run business describes itself as “one of Manchester’s favourite Indian curry houses”, and all the homemade dishes involve fresh whole spices for an authentic taste that packs a punch.

This is how it works: pick three curries from the day’s list, so (in ascending price order), three veg (which includes lentil daal and chickpea chana), one meat and two veg, two veg and one karahi (we fancy the lamb chop gosht, served on a Tuesday), two meat and one veg, or three meat (an extra 50p on a Sunday).

Every day there’s a lamb, a chicken and a mince keema option, along with various vegetarian picks. If you fancy fish, the time to visit is on a Monday and if it’s liver and kidney that you’re hankering after, go on a Wednesday.

Classics include lamb korma, chicken masala and vegetable biryani; more on the speciality side are lamb and pumpkin, and kidney beans and potatoes.

Everything comes with rice, and you can add breads – naan, paratha, roti – and extras such as samosas and bhajis. For drinks, we’re talking plain or mango lassi, cans of pop or jugs of tap water.

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