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Yoga classes in Manchester city centre

8 months ago

Most Manchester gyms and leisure centres offer some form of yoga nowadays, and yoga classes are popping up in the most surprising places: art galleries, bars, parks, roof-tops. We’re just waiting for the day someone holds one on the 192 bus.

In this list, we’ve stuck to Manchester’s traditional yoga venues: the dedicated studios that keep the city’s yogis flexible and focused week-in, week-out. These are the places that stand out, whether it’s because they attract the top teachers, like The Life Centre and BLOK, or the studio is particularly gorgeous, like at Hero Training Club, or it could be the variety of yoga classes available such as at Space at the Mill.

All these places come personally recommended, and most are tried and tested by our team. If you don’t see the one for you, check our full listings for yoga in Manchester.

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