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The yoga studio at Space at the Mill
The yoga studio at Space at the Mill
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Space at the Mill


There’s something very soothing about once industrious, busy-busy spaces that have been turned into exactly the opposite. Space at the Mill, a yoga studio in a former haberdashery mill in Castlefield, is a prime example.

While once this loft space would have been filled with whirring machines and harried workers, it’s now a peaceful, plant-filled haven. People might arrive feeling over-worked and rushed but if all goes to plan, they leave serene and balanced.

During the week, you can do capoeira, ballet, tai-chi, contemporary dance, and yoga here. The latter makes up the vast majority of the classes and includes flow-state, dynamic vinyasa, and ashtanga, all reasonably priced for the city centre.

At the weekends, they host courses and workshops from visiting teachers, usually focused on an aspect of personal growth, health or wellness.

Yoga teachers and wellness practitioners can hire the space to run their own classes and courses. It’s also available to hire as a venue for photoshoots, rehearsals, meetings and so on.

Space at the Mill, Duke Street, Manchester, UK
Tel: 07855 765355 spaceatthemill.co.uk
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