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Hair styling at House of Vanity in Manchester
Hair styling at House of Vanity in Manchester
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Manchester City Centre

House of Vanity


House of Vanity specialises in big, bouncy blowdries and drop-dead gorgeous beauty makeovers. Situated on John Dalton Street, this salon is the place to go for enhancing your natural beauty, or even completely transforming your look.

The Blown Dry Bar is known for its Classic Curly Blows which use a special technique to ensure voluminous hair that lasts. As well as hair styling and hair treatments, such as keratin smoothing masks, there’s also a Brow and Make Up Bar for prepping those big nights out.

House of Vanity’s ethos is ‘affordable luxury’. The friendly team are well-trained and accommodate most styles and preferences. Some days the salon opens as early as 7am and as late as 8pm, meaning you can get your do done then head straight off out on the town.

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