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Interior of Trevor Sorbie - a hair salon in Manchester city centre
Interior of Trevor Sorbie - a hair salon in Manchester city centre
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Manchester City Centre

Trevor Sorbie


A salon with a celebrity hairdresser behind it always comes with high expectations. At Trevor Sorbie Manchester, they live up to them; while it might be the famous name that brings people in, it’s the team on the salon floor that keeps them loyal. 

Led by creative director Vincent Allenby, it includes award-winning stylists and specialists in curly hair, colours and cuts. This salon group is known for its demanding selection process and in-house training. Apparently, you don’t get a job here unless Trevor himself is impressed with your work. We’ve no idea what his personal criteria for success is, but we’ve always been very happy with the cuts and colour services we’ve had here.

The atmosphere is friendly, calm and professional, and luxuries like a glass of prosecco or a barista-made latte add to the experience. 

Prices reflect the quality and start from £76 for a cut and finish.

Trevor Sorbie Manchester, Spring Gardens, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 839 2255 trevorsorbie.com/salon/manchesters-best-hair-salon
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