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Hair products at Wilderness Hair in Liverpool
Hair products at Wilderness Hair in Liverpool
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Wilderness Hair


Wilderness Hair is a unique folk herbalist hairdressing experience specialising in curly hair. Not taming it, but celebrating it, in all its wild and wonderful glory.

It takes a holistic and plant-based approach to hairdressing; all products are vegan, cruelty-free and have a definite Mother Earth vibe. As well as haircuts (all types of hair are welcome of course) and colour treatments, you can also book in for intensive conditioning treatments.

Head here to shop dedicated curl products from specialists like LOVE/curl and Wilderness’ own products – their dry shampoo is very good – as well as cool colour enhancing conditioners from Davines.

Arts Village, 20 Henry St, Liverpool L1 5BS
Tel: 0151 708 7364 www.wildernesshair.com
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