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This double-level vintage and music merch store started life in Quiggins Arcade before moving to Bold Street (now the unofficial centre of vintage shopping in Liverpool). 

Downstairs they’ve got more band T-shirts than the crowd at Glastonbury, spanning from Tupac to Talking Heads. They’re not secondhand but they’re still cheap at £30 for two. Upstairs is where you get your thrift store finds.

The vintage selection includes nineties tracksuits and shell suits, Y2K fleeces, camel coats, boxing shorts, denim and more, along with new stock from the likes of the American workwear-inspired Dickies brand.

There’s more here for guys than girls but there’s nonetheless a decent selection of vintage dresses, denim and cute tops to pair them with.  

Resurrection, Bold Street, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 707 8099 www.resurrection-online.com
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