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Inside Swan St. Tattoo
Inside Swan St. Tattoo
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Swan St Tattoo

Tattoo Studios

Given that larger tattoos can be a full-day job, a welcoming environment is an important factor when you’re choosing a studio. With its chesterfield sofas, potted plants, and natural light, Swan St Tattoo has just that.

From detailed and intricate blackwork designs to neo-traditional full colour pieces, their resident artists and guests have decades of experience between them and enjoy creating unique, alternative pieces.

They’re often quite busy so we recommend booking well in advance with your chosen artist. But if you head over to their Instagram page you’ll be able to see on their story posts when slots for walk-in appointments become available.

It’s situated in the Swan Buildings on floor three. (There’s a lift for those who may need it.)

Chris Green at Swan St. Tattoo
Mas Tattoo at Swan St. Tattoo
Josh Coburn at Swan St. Tattoo
India Eden at Swan St. Tattoo
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3rd Floor, Swan St. Tattoo, Swan Buildings, 20 Swan Street, Manchester, United Kingdom
Tel: 0161 839 7284 www.instagram.com/swansttattoo
  • Open: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Tattoos
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