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Gay Village



Shallows is a brand new beauty and tattoo studio on the corner of Princess Street, aiming to tear down the standard formula, disrupting what is considered the beautiful ‘norm’ to create an inclusive and friendly salon for all.

Set in the unique location of an underground, disused swimming pool that was once used by guests of Whitworth Locke hotel, this dreamy and adventurous salon hosts freelance artists that are experts in tattooing, hairstyling, aesthetics, PMU (permanent makeup), nails, piercing, acupuncture and lashes.

Thanks to their collaborative way of working, customers can book in for up to eight services on any one given day. What’s more, Shallows serves as a speakeasy and has waiter service for coffee, alcoholic drinks and food. Just order using the QR code and enjoy refreshments brought to you without even having to leave your seat.

The team at Shallows are friendly and attentive. No idea is too big or too wild. DC, owner and creator of Shallows, aims to turn the word ‘vanity’ into a positive phrase rather than a slur and wants to help people feel comfortable being their authentic self.

Visit their website to see the list of artists currently taking bookings. Book in online or call to arrange a consultation.

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