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Healthy food and spices
Healthy food and spices
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Manchester City Centre

Holland & Barrett Wellness Hub

Therapeutic Services

You’ll find the Holland & Barrett Wellness Hub upstairs at their superstore on Market Street. It opened in spring 2022 and is one of only two in the country (the other being at the H&B on Oxford Street).

Head here if you want to do a deep-dive into your health data through the form of blood tests and biometric body scans. They’ll guide you through the process and can advise you on the results to help you make sense of what action you might want to take next. (They stress it isn’t medical advice – it’s wellness advice.)

They sell bloodwork tests by the London Medical Laboratory (from £29) and offer a 3-D body scan using an infrared Styku machine (£20) which gives you a detailed analysis of your body composition. (It’s popular with the folks at Pure Gym across the road apparently). There’s also a free biometric machine at the back of the store downstairs if you’re happy with just the basic information.

Tracking your health stats – whether it’s hormone levels, thyroid function, or body fat composition – is all the rage at the moment. This is a good place to get that data and follow-up advice without paying over the odds to see a private clinician.

Also, keep an eye out for their free Let’s Talk events which cover subjects such as menopause, immunity, gut health and sleep.

Holland & Barrett, Market Street, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0330 058 2640 www.hollandandbarrett.com/stores/manchester-3845
  • Open: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Nutrition
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