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Outside Medika Clinic in Spinningfields, Manchester
Outside Medika Clinic in Spinningfields, Manchester
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The Medika Clinic

Therapeutic Services

Co-founded by former NHS doctor Dr Kamran MD, The Medika Clinic aims to redefine the relationship between health, aesthetics and lifestyle medicine.

Delivering all three services in one place, the clinic believes that ‘how we feel on the inside is intrinsically connected to how we look on the outside’.

Staffed by skilled doctors, clinicians and therapists, The Medika Clinic provides services ranging from mental and physical health checks to aesthetics, skincare and laser weight loss treatments. There’s also a range of IV treatments available to help replenish and nourish your body with essential vitamins.

Treatments are delivered to the highest standards in a safe, clean and calm environment using ethical medical practices.

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