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Vintage clothing at 69A, one of our recommended vintage clothes shops in Liverpool.


Liverpool City Centre Clothing

Vintage and antiques shop 69A looks like it fell out of the pages of a storybook. A black cat is...

Pop Boutique on Bold Street, one of our recommended vintage shops in Liverpool.

Pop Boutique Liverpool

Ropewalks Clothing

Richard Free, the man behind the Pop Boutique mini empire, began collecting vintage clothing in the 1970s and has built...

The Taylor Swift fan shop at Red Brick Market in Liverpool.

Red Brick Market

Baltic Triangle Markets

If you love thrifting, vintage clothes, handmade jewellery, secondhand vinyl, charming curios, retro homeware, old comics, and the like, you...


Ropewalks Clothing

This double-level vintage and music merch store started life in Quiggins Arcade before moving to Bold Street (now the unofficial...

Dead Air Records in Liverpool.

Dead Air Records

Ropewalks Record Shops

One of the newest additions to Liverpool’s vinyl scene is neighbourhood record store Dead Air Records on Suffolk Street. It’s...

Vintage clothes at Cow Liverpool

Cow Liverpool

Ropewalks Clothing

If the haphazard chaos of charity shops puts you off buying pre-loved clothes, Cow Liverpool is your place to start....

Dig Vinyl on Liverpool's Bold Street is one of Confidential Guides' recommended record shops in Liverpool.

Dig Vinyl

Ropewalks Record Shops

Upstairs at Resurrection on Bold Street you’ll find record store Dig Vinyl. It sells secondhand and new vinyl (mainly secondhand)...

Vintage clothing at Oxfam Bold Street in Liverpool city centre.

Oxfam Bold Street

Ropewalks Clothing

This well spaced, well-organised charity shop has a gorgeous collection of curated secondhand clothes including plenty of nineties and Y2K...

The record store at The Jacaranda - an iconic music venue and bar in Liverpool city centre.

The Jacaranda

Ropewalks Bars

Serious Beatles fans will know all about The Jacaranda. This bar and gig venue was opened by their first manager...

81 Renshaw, a record shop in Liverpool with links to the Beatles.

81 Renshaw

Ropewalks Record Shops

There’s quite a history to 81 Renshaw Street - the address and the record shop that now lives here. Upstairs...

Record shop Rough Trade Liverpool opened in May 2024.

Rough Trade Liverpool

Ropewalks Record Shops

Any self-respecting indie kid will know the Rough Trade name; a trip to the Covent Garden shop used to be...

Secondhand cowboy boots at Soho's Liverpool, one of Confidential Guides' recommended vintage shops in Liverpool.

Soho’s Liverpool

Ropewalks Clothing

Soho's is one of the original vintage clothing stores in Liverpool, and one of the biggest. With a hairdressers, a...

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