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Machinery at Quarry Bank Mill, a National Trust property in Styal, Cheshire
Machinery at Quarry Bank Mill, a National Trust property in Styal, Cheshire
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Quarry Bank Mill

Historic Buildings & Sites

If you’re thinking of becoming a National Trust member and you’re also planning a visit to Quarry Bank Mill, it’s worth joining up. The entry fee for non-members is significantly more than for other properties in the region.

Cost aside, it’s definitely worth a visit. The towering industrial mill makes a change from the usual National Trust stately homes. And if you have a child with an upcoming project on the Victorians, this is just the place to get them psyched up. The noise of the machinery in the mill is something else and it gives you an insight into what it must have been like working there.

The Apprentice House is another fantastic way to explore the area’s industrial history through the eyes of the children employed at the mill.

For something more relaxing, there are a number of trails through the gardens and estate with rhododendrons, bluebells, and even otters and kingfishers, along the way. Parts of the river are also great for splashing around in – make sure kids are supervised though.

There are plenty of places to eat with the Stables Ice Cream Parlour, the Garden Café and the Weaving Shed Restaurant. As well as the usual gift shop, there is also a secondhand bookshop and a garden shop.

Image of machinery by Peter Barr

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