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Concorde in its hanger at Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport
Concorde in its hanger at Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport
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Runway Visitor Park

Parks & Gardens

For spine-tinglingly close views of the huge planes landing and taking off at Manchester Airport, head to the Runway Visitor Park.

Its raised viewing area is right next to the runways, so you’ll be just a few metres away from the aviation action. Go after 11am on a weekend and there’s a live commentary from the airport’s team – it’s especially fun on windy days when the pilots’ flying skills are put to the test.

People also head here to see the impressive collection of retired planes. Check out supersonic airliner Concorde, former RAF spy plane Nimrod, retro 1960s airliner Trident, and more.  

There’s a large picnic area, a play area, and a shop selling toys and memorabilia. Stock up on your model airplanes here.  

For refreshments head to the RVP Coffee House. It does a decent range of breakfasts, lunches and snacks, and has a weekend brunch offer.

Entry to the Runway Visitor Park is free but you have to pay for parking. There are various tours and extra bits you can book a ticket for, including a 360-degree flight simulator.


Runway Visitor Park, Sunbank Lane, Altrincham, UK
Tel: 0161 489 3932 www.runwayvisitorpark.co.uk
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