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Inside Frankie's Paint-It Pottery
Inside Frankie's Paint-It Pottery
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Mossley Hill

Frankie’s Paint-It Pottery


Get stuck in with a pottery painting session at Frankie’s Paint-It Pottery. Whether you’re crazy about clay or it’s your first time getting your fingers dirty, there’s a wide selection of bisque and coloured glazes to choose from.

Unwind and take things slow with a tranquil session, designed to relax your mind and help improve mental health (plus, you’ll have a beautiful pot to take home and decorate your home with, too).

Pot prices start from as low as £9 up to £50 depending on pot size and design. If you’re looking for a special keepsake to immortalise your newborn’s hand and footprints, they’re able to arrange that, too.

Once you’ve settled on your design and you’ve added the final crafty touches, the team at Frankie’s will fire your pot in the kiln, ready for you to collect the following week. Can’t wait that long? There’s also the option to paint a foam clay pot instead of one of the underglaze pots, meaning you can take it home the same day.

Groups and parties are welcome but bookings should be made in advance to avoid disappointment. Walk-ins are available occasionally for pairs or small groups, but it’s best to call ahead during peak times like weekends and school holidays just in case.

Fancy trying your hand at making the pot and painting it? Regular clay workshops are available. Check out the website to find out more.

Frankie's Paint-It Pottery, 268 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 5AH, UK
Tel: 0151 735 0043 frankiespaintitpottery.co.uk
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