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Oxford Road

Big Hands


The original Manchester dive bar, Big Hands is a rock n roll institution and the site of many messy nights out.

Located just across the car park from the Manchester Academy music venues, it’s a popular spot for pre or post gig drinks, for the fans and the artists. You never know who you might see swigging a pint in here, with music types from Manchester and further afield stopping in regularly.

The walls are plastered with gig posters and AAA passes while DJs play most nights and the jukebox fills in the rest of the time. Expect to hear anything from grunge to pop to psych to funk and soul. Live music nights feature up-and-coming bands and under-the-radar record labels.

Inside the decor is all battered red leather, scuffed furniture and low-lighting. On the roof there’s one of the best-tended beer gardens in the city; it’s like RHS Bridgewater up there in the summer. Inside and outside at Big Hands are like yin and yang but both make an excellent spot for day-to-night drinking and lost weekend shenanigans.

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