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Drinks at Ex Directory, a bar in Liverpool
Drinks at Ex Directory, a bar in Liverpool
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Liverpool City Centre

Ex Directory


Defunct red phone boxes are always being re-purposed as mini libraries, homes for defibrillators, or, in this case, an entrance to a cocktail bar.

From the traditional British landmark, you’ll be led to a modern drinking den with fluorescent brights and glitterballs. Make sure you’ve reserved a booth in advance.

Cocktails are frivolous but also extremely well-made. You might find one served in a mini bathtub with rubber ducks bobbing around drunkenly, or presented with a doughnut or in a cloud, but you’ll also find intriguing concoctions made with seriously good house shrubs and classics like a martini or a bellini.

Ex-Directory is a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously, riffing on sweet treats like Calippo and Capri-Sun. It’s youthful and fun and it does light-hearted drinks well.

Don’t be fooled though. These aren’t alco-pops; they pack a real punch. And if you’re not in the mood for cocktails, you can always let the champagne flow. Beer and cider is also available by the bottle.

Ex Directory, Hockenhall Alley, Liverpool, Uk
Tel: 0151 227 4747 www.instagram.com/ex_directory
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