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Cosy interior of Fell Bar Chorlton on Wilbraham Road
Cosy interior of Fell Bar Chorlton on Wilbraham Road
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Fell Bar Chorlton


Manchester may pride itself on its Northern-ness but Fell Bar Chorlton is the southern outpost of the Cumbrian brewery and its associated bars.

Fell Bar Chorlton serves its own beers and that of independent guest breweries over twelve keg and four cask line. It also serves natural wines, spirits, soft drinks and snacks from small scale sustainable producers.

The bar has all the cosiness of a traditional pub mixed with a cooler bar-style edge. It’s a small space, making the regular folk jams and jazz jams rather eye-watering. It seems unlikely a double bass has been plucked and thrummed in a more compact space than this.

There’s also a sunny outdoor terrace so grab a pint and while away the afternoon watching the 150 make its way to the Trafford Centre.

Fell Brewery is a quality operation with many fans, hence the merch toting as a side to all the booze.

Fell Bar Chorlton, 518 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 9AW
Tel: 0161 881 7724 fellbrewery.co.uk/bars/fell-bar-chorlton-2
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