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Inside Flok on Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter.
Inside Flok on Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter.
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Northern Quarter



If it’s a place in the sun you’re after, look no further than the Northern Quarter’s Flok, chilling out on the Lever Street corner of Stevenson Square. The large outside area here is a bit of a trap for the rays, and there are lots of options for the perfect alfresco pour, from honey and lemoncello spritzes to frozen daiquiries to a whole host of craft brews on tap and Spanish classics such as Madrid’s Pils-style lager Mahou.

Bustling inside as well as out, snagging and then climbing into one of the popular banquette booths is a challenge that’s worth sticking around for, allowing commanding views over your fellow clientele. Venture down the spiral staircase to the basement and there’s moody seating and the bookable bank vault, perfect for a bijou bling get-together. And as Flok is dog friendly, you can even bring your pooch.

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