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Jammy dodger blondies at Cafe Lucaya in Liverpool
Jammy dodger blondies at Cafe Lucaya in Liverpool
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Liverpool City Centre

Cafe Lucaya


Head to the Tower Building, on the corner of Water Street and The Strand, to find the charming, plant-filled haven that is Cafe Lucaya.

It’s a coffee shop and brunch spot set over two floors with sofas, trailing ferns and palms that combine to give it a relaxed, living room feel. This much space means they don’t mind if you linger a while, whether that’s to read, work or just stare into space.

First though, you’ll want a good look at the menu. Cafe Lucaya is known for its all day breakfasts and classic cafe fare of jacket potatoes, sandwiches, soups and salads. If you’re craving something simple and comforting like cheese on toast, or a coffee and croissant, head here and you’ll not be disappointed. It’s a friendly, well-run place and deservedly popular.

Cafe Lucaya, Water Street, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 236 7036 cafelucaya.com
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