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Beetroot and eel dish at Vetch in Liverpool
Beetroot and eel dish at Vetch in Liverpool
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Georgian Quarter


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Vetch is a beautiful restaurant in every sense. Housed in a handsome Georgian building, it is light and appealing. Even the plates, cutlery and glassware are tactile and satisfying to use. It’s understated but unmistakable fine-dining-fancy.

Chef Daniel McGeorge is formerly of Rothay Manor in the Lake District and a Great British Menu champion and this is his Liverpool homecoming project. A meal here feels intimate, even though the restaurant is set over two floors, and service puts you instantly at ease.

It’s a tasting menu of either five or seven courses with a lunch menu too. The food is exceptional with Confidentials’ notoriously sniffy Jonathan Schofield awarding four 10/10s over the course of a seven-course meal.

Typical dishes include smoked cod’s roe with chicken skin and ponzu, and lamb sweetbread with pine and katsuobushi. The influences are British, Asian and Nordic, all at once. If that sounds like a right old muddle, rest assured, in the deft hands of Daniel McGeorge it is anything but.

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