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Manchester City Centre

Fluffy Fluffy


Fluffy Fluffy, is North America’s largest soufflé pancake and dessert café. It opened its doors in Manchester New Square in October 2022 and is known internationally for its jiggly and airy soufflé pancakes.

Fluffy Fluffy creates its TikTok famous pancakes with egg whites whipped to soft peaks, cooked very slowly at a low temperature. Tasting like a delicate balance between a soufflé and a traditional pancake, soufflé pancakes are soft, bouncy, and light, and although they take a while to be made, they are definitely worth the wait.

Choose to top your pancakes with anything from, tiramisu and matcha, to Oreo, Biscoff and Nutella. The café also serves crêpes, pastries, coffee, frappés and smoothies and is a must-visit for anyone who loves fluffy and sweet desserts.

Owned by Benson Lau of Hong Kong and Yuka Naka of Osaka – the birthplace of this style of pancake. It was originally served as a wedding dessert, but the pancake company has taken Toronto by storm and has expanded across Canada before opening in Manchester.

Carding Building, Whitworth St, Manchester M1 3NR, UK
fuwafuwapancakes.co.uk Our review Read 13.5/20
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