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Food at Disorder bar, Manchester.
Food at Disorder bar, Manchester.
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Northern Quarter



Even if you’re a massive Joy Division fan, a themed bar sounds a bit naff. Fortunately, Disorder takes itself too seriously to be a cliched karaoke-version tribute.

Yes, there is a mural of Ian Curtis on the wall but that’s about it. It’s a good one too – by local graffiti artist Akse. Yes, ok, there’s a token and tacky neon word art reminder of Unknown Pleasures. But Disorder has enough going for it to be a destination bar in its own right.

The food is smashing. Quality ingredients put together to make Izakaya brilliance. With five spice pork and apple gyoza, chicken katsu tostadas, halloumi skewers glazed in sweet soy sauce, smash burger sandos and mushroom karaage loaded fries, this is more than just food for mopping up alcoholic excesses.

The best known dish is probably the Manc-Hi Sando with its mix of Japanese ingredients and black pudding. A fusion firecracker.

Cocktails and a good selection of whiskey are the bar’s liquid specialities as well as sake which goes well with the sandos. Of course, you can get all the usual wines, beers and spirits too.

There is also live music and comedy on Tuesday nights.

Disorder Manchester, 78-88 High St, Manchester M4 1ES, UK
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