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dishes on the menu at Tokyo ramen manchester
dishes on the menu at Tokyo ramen manchester
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Northern Quarter

Tokyo Ramen

Restaurant - Japanese

Spartan and stripped back is the only description for Tokyo Ramen – and that’s both the menu and the restaurant itself. With barely enough space to swing a noodle, the place only accommodates 20 walk-ins. It’s not a sociable place, more a utilitarian slurping station. But ramen is a messy dish so, let’s face it, you’re not going to be bringing the in-laws anyway.

As it is all about the food, is it any good? In a word, yes. The selection of drinks is limited, even the word ‘selection’ seems like too generous a term and the menu is brief and to the point. There are usually three ramen dishes and two small plates available. The small plates are good but there’s not necessarily the conviviality for lingering over beers and a few bites with friends. It’s the ramen which are the one-pot wonders with Tokyo Ramen billing itself as ‘Manchester’s #1 ramen shop’. It’s all in the broth – in this case 10 hour chicken bone broth, or mushroom dashi in the vegan option which lift the food to Mt. Fuji-like heights.

The components are well balanced and true noodle aficionados won’t rest till they’ve slurped down all the options and have the stains on their shirt to prove it. When you’re on your lonesome and you want a big bowl of satisfaction, Tokyo Ramen is the place. It may be minimalist, but the flavours are maximalist.

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